Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Sucks

It's just too short. I haven't had the time to do my February reading post yet and it's messy-hectic times at the mo. Maybe this weekend...


Here's a link to me reading '10 Places I Could Be When the Big One Hits' on Radio NZ National last Saturday (after Joanna Aitchison's earthquake poem).


My talk/reading to the Wellington branch of the NZ Society of Authors last night went well.  People kept apologising for the small turnout, but that made it nice and intimate (apart from the other patrons at the Thistle Inn paying at the till).  I was asked to read my earthquake poem, and also read section 2 of 'Orbital Resonance' (also known as the story with 7 pages of internet browser history) and all of 'Untitled (Crimson and Gold)' (the story behind which I blogged about back in the day). The Q&A afterwards was also good value. I managed to go off on tangents about the lack of 'cross-town buses' between NZ and Australian literature and the influence of writing Ministerial briefings on my writing style.


March is NZ Book Month. March 5 is Buy a New Zealand Book with Melting in the Title Day. Well, almost.


Right, I'm off to floss my teeth and watch the first episode of the new season of the fabulous The Good Word (TVNZ7, 9.05pm Tuesdays). I don't know in which episode the 2 minute piece about my writing space will feature. Probably for the best. Not sure I'd watch if I knew for sure I was going to be on.


Catherine said...

That link doesn't work for me, (the first one), my Mac doesn't understand the format.
Although probably the last thing I need to be doing is listening to earthquake poems, anyway. They're probably better therapy for the rest of the country than for those of us in Christchurch..

Anonymous said...

feb sucks, but march is off to a rip-roarer isn't it...