Monday, April 2, 2012

weekly diary for a happy day (Keyword Analysis 2012)

weekly diary for a happy day

how does a pigeon find its way home
five special things about the rata tree
people eating during wwii
best small cottage front view in world
tim upperton the night we ate the baby
richie mccaw
how can you tell the difference between two trees
mysterious doors
a man melting by craig cliff free e book
bubmle bee fuck marble
middle aged men selfies
tai quan do bury craig clift
The Story of Our Fries. (End of Story)
sydney nostalgia drags
Penrith NSW whores
The thrill of sex on public in perth
male fluid blogspot
bottom of mt cook
yak crash feilding
leather executive chair wellington
MY harvard
what does veruca look like
how to get grubs out of lawns in the kapiti coast nz
saddleback bird
babel bits
hamlet secrets
smashing pumpkins proto-emo
veruca salt full body
famous painting of naked lady lying on the sofa
man in the mirror tv1
high school girls flash
smiley man
visual puns rainbow
Let the good vibes run
blackmail visual puns
glass tower radar
control room operator smiley
owen marshall boring
all blacks john key literary award
"marcus lush"
cinquain summary
how to melt text
flowers that grow on wellington south coast
gustave dore wallpaper
peja stojakovic jersey
coracle sketch
nz albatross
historical fiction agency 2012
над травой одна голова видна*
კაპი რაგბი**
the best thing that came out of nz is...
sonny bill williams sydney toilet photo
gangster pigeons animaniacs
hot selfies
sheep clay sculpture
tender jaw
ipad 3 resolution
mannequin slave trade
did Patty Berglund love Walter
the waiting room short story
a windy mess new plymouth
traffic bridge fremantle dolphins
include a member of audience
fat big cloy
gratis blows air
white capped albatross
arcades desk messy
david lee roths parent's house
statues in Waimate
would you like fries with that craig cliff


These are all search terms people typed into Google that led them to This Fluid Thrill over the last three months. The title, too. The individual searches are unedited, but I’ve been selective about which terms to include in this list and in which order.

The images are the top image results when you Google "tai quan do bury craig clift" (Obama is the #1 result). I can't endorse the website these images come from (seems the top two are from a douchey Republican blog).

* ‘A head above the grass is visible’ in Serbian
** ‘Kapi Rugby’ in Georgian (?) 

And no, I've never written in Serbian or Georgian on this blog. Go figure.

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