Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hannibal, Missouri

So I'm done with Iowa. At some point I want to write about my time as part of the International Writing Program and post some more pictures, but right now I'm going to stick to the present day. I'm travelling down the Mississippi River (actually, beside it) with my wife and daughter. We've got two weeks to make it to New Orleans.

Here are some pics from our first night's stop: Hannibal, Missouri, "Mark Twain's Hometown".

Homemade (bottomless) root beer float at Mark Twain Dinette
Hannibal Inn
(That's our rental car, a Chevy Impala, if only it looked like an Impala of old...)
Not a scene out of the Shining
The indoor pool/games area at the Hannibal Inn 

A stone wall signifies antiquity, achieves nothing.
Mark Twain's boyhood home and (somehow) a fence from his fiction.

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