Friday, May 6, 2011

Archival Footage

It's less than a week till I fly to Auckland for their Writers and Readers Festival and break my seal, so to speak, as a festival participant. Then on Sunday I fly straight to Sydney for a week of being on stage or in front of workshops or school groups. The ABC has already sought permission to film one of my sessions (the bromance one, of course), and there'll be a c.10 minutes video interview with me posted on the SWF website at some stage during the festival.

My cover will well and truly be blown.

Until now, I've managed to escape the world of video. Well, not completely. There'll be a two minute perve insight into my writing space on the final episode of season three of The Good Word (screening 7 June on TVNZ, and online thereafter).

And I (or eagle-eyed friends) have caught glimpses of me in two YouTube clips.

One: Gordon Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, touches my head at 2:36. My head explodes at 2:37.

NB: That's not my singing you can hear on the video, I assure you.

Two: Best sporting event, ever. Brief glimpse of me in the crowd at the All Whites vs Bahrain at 5:10.

I told you it was brief. Still can't find me? Yeah, well.

I'm pretty much the Sasquatch in terms of verified video sightings.  The only other hits you'll find on YouTube are for dudes named Craig, cliff diving... poorly.

Maybe I should change my name to Acapulco...

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