Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worksheet #80.1, or Going to my head

Another Tuesday, another TV appearance

This time it was a six minute interview on TV1's Good Morning (screened at about 9.50am). I spoke with Sarah Bradley about my book, winning Best First Book in the Commonwealth, my day job with the Ministry of Education... Maybe some other things. It was my first time on live TV, so I had a lot on my mind...

It doesn't look like they've posted my segment online via TVNZ's On Demand service yet, but they are sending me a DVD so if you're patient (and if, upon review, I deem it "not totally cringeworthy") it may pop up on YouTube one of these days.

Good & Plenty

For those of you counting on your fingers at home, after my 2 minute slot on The Good Word last week, that's 8 of my 15 minutes of fame swallowed up.

The fact both shows have "Good" in their name is purely incidental.

I think.

But, if it is not, I could use my remaining 7 minutes of fame by appearing on Haydn's Good Sorts (though I'm probably 40 years too young and don't knit beanies for the kids in Eritrea), or The Good Wife (a show I've never watched, but after a quick YouTube I've decided a cameo as another love interest for poor confused Kalinda would be acceptable) or something called Good Luck Charlie (a Disney Channel sitcom - yikes!).

Diversifying my portfolio #1: Fiction reviewer

Diversifying my portfolio #2: Travel Writer


(Okay, so I sold my soul to Jetstar... I never said I had scruples!)

Diversifying my portfolio #3: Visual puns

Titles in need of a short story

Aid for Lily Archer
The Calumny of Apples
Fair Dinkum Outta Control
Faucets of Wonder
Tuesday is Baking Day

And finally, a moment of appreciation for Mark Lanegan

(I actually wanted a clip of Lanegan singing 'Walkin' on the sidewalks', and there are some on YouTube, but nothing compared to the version I remember from 2003 in Auckland...)


Mark Pirie said...

Hi Craig, I bought a copy of A Man Melting. I really enjoyed it and just finished reading it. Don't have your email address so posted a comment to that effect.
"Facing Galapagos" probably my fave at a pinch but It'd be hard to pick as it's a consistently good collection.

Craig Cliff said...

Thanks Mark: I'll add one vote to the tally for 'Facing Galapagos'...