Monday, May 13, 2013

Grumble, grumble

So, that poll idea was a good one. Pity about the execution. I've no idea why the votes got wiped every night. If you believe Blogger, after seven days only three total votes were cast...

But this exercise wasn't a waste of time. I got to have conversations (in person, via email) with lots of people, some of them strangers, about ideas and what makes a good story. Some even tried to add to the list of ten ("11. A child catches a teacher being fed answers through an ear-piece."). Thanks Geoff.

The vibe I got from these conversations, and from my mental tally of the nightly votes on the poll (pre-wiping), was that #2 'The cloud-seeder' probably won. So I'm going to write that story next.

Heck, let's dive right into the first sentence:

It wouldn't rain.

Och! Instant classic. Now to write another 400 of the buggers...

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