Monday, July 1, 2013

A quietly horrifying invitation

It’s the first of July. Which means my book launch is this month. You are all invited. All fourteen of you.

Just remember, I’m footing the bill. I’m not saying I endorse pre-loading or diets that exclude finger food, but such people will get a special message in their signed copy of The Mannequin Makers.


Speaking of book launches, Danyl Mclauchlan's first novel, The Unspeakable Secrets of Aro Valley, is being launched this Friday.

Unspeakable Secrets of the Aro ValleyI'm gutted I can't make it because:
  • I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday afternoon. True story. So I'll be a bundle of joy at 6pm.
  • The launch is at Philosophy House on Aro Street. As Danyl says, "if you live in Wellington you’ve probably thought about climbing over the high brick wall around it to get a glimpse into the incandescently lit basement, but never quite had the nerve." It's like he's seen straight into my soul!
  • Like most people who've spent a portion of their twenties in Wellington, I lived in Aro Valley for a year and wrote average short stories set in damp flats. In fact, my first published short story ('Cristo Redentor' in JAAM 25) was set in Thule Street. So I'm looking forward to the unspeakable secrets being spoken, so to speak.
But enough pretend-camaraderie. I've been to enough writer's festivals and had enough old ladies come to the signing table just to tell me they've already "overspent on books today" (*holds up bulging bag full of other writers' books*) but they "enjoyed my session" (*condescending smile*) to know that when it comes to the front table at Unity Books, it's every man, woman and young adult author for themselves!

So, Danyl Mclauchlan, Sarah Laing, Emma Martin, Carl Nixon, Eleanor Catton, Carl Shuker, Tanya Moir, Amy Head, Stephanie Johnson, Damien Wilkins, Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Pip Adam, Fiona Kidman, Elizabeth Knox and whoever else has had, or will have, a new book out in 2013 - firstly, damn you! (Strong year for local fiction, huh?) Secondly, you should totally come to my book launch. All will be forgiven. 

Did I mention there'd be finger food?

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