Thursday, December 29, 2011

To the birds

Please pardon my absence from the interwebs these past five weeks. No, I didn't heed Anonymous of Wellington's advice to STFU, I got married and have been honeymooning/showing my German friends around the North Island of New Zealand since I last posted.

Over 3,000 kilometres later, here I am back in Wellington, back at my PC. I'm not quite clear of the Otherwise-committed Woods (got to visit family in Chch in a few days), so THE NOVEL will have to idle for a little longer. But here are some photos from my honeymoon...

Person's eye view of kereru in flight
Shining cuckoo, Mt Taranaki
White-faced heron, Pahi, Kaipara Harbour
Kokako #1, Tiritiri Matangi
Kokako #2
Kokako #2 in flight
Rifleman, a.k.a. Difficult Buggers to Photograph Well
Saddleback in flight
NZ dotterel, Front Beach, Coromandel
Dotterel chick, Cooks Beach
Male dotterels in territory dispute, Cooks Beach
Blue penguin at Cathedral Cove
Black-billed gulls, Taupo