Friday, September 13, 2013

Iowa Daze, or Cardinal Sin

IWP Playlist #1: Albatross to Albatross

It's been a month, I think, since I got here. Time is thick in the summer heat. Days are waded through. Weeks zip by. I'm not being hugely productive, but I am being acquisitive: buying books, borrowing books, reading books, going to readings, going to Q&As, going to the rodeo, the lake, the mall, Walmart, diners, dinners, parties, concerts, taking photos of cute rodents and iconic birdies...

I haven't blogged because 1) I'm carving 500-word slivers off this experience for my Dom Post column (last Saturday: fashion in Iowa; next one: rodeo) and 2) I think I need to give these experiences more time and shape than a blogpost demands. So cold comfort for impatient blog-readers, but I am having fun, I am thinking and drinking deeply from this Midwestern oasis. I am working, even if it doesn't always look like it, even to me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Images of America, part 1

Yesterday I took my camera with me on my bike journey home from Iowa House to Coralville...
University life

Herky and me

Picnic tables


Go hard or go home

(The pins sport US flags)


Hydrant / Secret Elk codes

Mackinaw Village (not a real village)

School bus


Danger sign

Protest sign

Public notice

Big money

Hawkeye pride