Monday, October 5, 2009

BNZ Katherine Mansfield Awards 2009

Congratulations to...

  • Karen Phillips, winner of the Novice section, for her story, 'The Visit', as judged by Carl Nixon.
  • Emma Robinson of Awatapu College (Palmy represent!), winner of the Young Writer section, for her epistolary tale, 'Skipped The Censor', as judged by Kate De Goldi.
I now know how to use jump-breaks, so you'll have to click 'Read More' if you wanna year about the ceremony...

I was at the ceremony this evening by virtue of my first placing in the novice section in 2007.  I was in Europe that year, and sent my mum in my stead -- the epitome of cool, I know.  (I was wearing a name badge like everyone else there this evening, and when Fiona Kidman read my name, she was like, 'where do I know you from?' and I was like, 'I was the one who's mum had to read out his acceptance speech a few years ago.')

Anyway, this year was the first I was able to make it, and the BNZ is cool enough to keep inviting me, so I went.  Partly to see who won, partly to imagine what it would have been like back in '07.  I soon remembered that I suck at mingling and left satisfied that my career was in no way hindered by my absence at the awards two years ago.

Congrats again to the winners.  I'm off to read their stories in bed.

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