Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been a long time coming...

The day has finally come. My celebratory soirée is at 6pm this evening.  Tomorrow A Man Melting will be officially "out there".

It's been a big week (more on this when I write up the launch), so it's nice that I was able to finish work early this afternoon and have a few quiet hours to chill out and reflect.

It's nearly two years since I submitted the manuscript for A Man Melting to a publisher.  Random House NZ was my first choice, and I was terribly lucky to be welcomed into a stable of authors which includes short story supremos like Owen Marshall, Charlotte Grimshaw and Carl Nixon.  At the time, I knew it'd be a long wait before the book came out (early 2010), which became May 2010, which became July 2010.  But we're here now and who could put it any better than the Tragically Hip:
we don't go anywhere
just on trips
we haven't seen a thing
we still don't know where it is
it's a safe mistake
it's been a long time running
it's been a long time coming...
it's well worth the wait

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