Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barry Hannah 1942 - 2010

Sad news via the Guardian
Acclaimed US author Barry Hannah, who won the William Faulkner award for his debut novel Geronimo Rex in 1972, died on Monday, age 67.

Barry Hannah is one of my favourite writers; I'm particularly fond of his short stories.  In fact, I was three stories into re-reading his 1978 collection 'Airships' when I heard the sad news.

AirshipsThere's even a tribute to Hannah in my forthcoming short story collection, A Man Melting. After reading Hannah's story 'Getting Ready', the main character in 'Fat Camp' attempts to fashion his own stilts and wade around his local lake...

Re-reading 'Airships' now takes on a different significance, and also bumps a few more of Hannah's books into the re-reading pile.

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