Saturday, January 1, 2011

Harvey McQueen, 1934-2010

Sad news. I just found out via @modernletters that "the much admired poet & educator Harvey McQueen died on Christmas Day".

Here's Harvey's NZ Book Council page for a brief overview of his published work. His last book, These I have loved: My favourite New Zealand poems, was published in October 2010.

I never met Harvey but was a regular reader of his fantastic blog, Stoatspring, which he updated regularly these past two years on a range of topics from his declining health due to inclusion body myositis, politics and current events, gardening, birds, his career as a teacher, then public servant for the Department of Education, and of course books and poetry.

I was going to provide links to exemplar posts for all of these topics, but there are so many to wade through and each post is striking in its own way for their erudition and simple honesty. I would encourage you to dip in and out of Stoatspring yourself - your time will be richly rewarded. The world and cyberspace is a poorer place with Harvey's passing but I'm sure he's taking the chance to visit some exotic locale, or just take a stroll to the Karori mall.

A public memorial service will be held on January 28, at Old St Pauls, Wellington.

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