Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh Geez, etc

All Christchurch whanau are relatively unscathed... wait, I feel like I've written this before. Oh, I have. This time there were a lot more close shaves and much more damage to homes and businesses.  M. and I were just down there this weekend... Man, does the whole thing just suck or what (and reduce me to the eloquence of a teenager).


Lynn Freeman paid a nice tribute to Chch at the start of this evening's 7 Poets in the City event at the City Gallery.  She read one poem from a year 12 student about the September quake, another from Jeffrey Paparoa Holman. It was a free event that turned into a semi-fundraiser -- it was nice to see all us freeloaders donating generously to help out Christchurch.

Lynn is also looking for writers with responses to the quakes for Radio NZ this weekend, by-the-by.


If you're in Wellington this coming Monday (28 Feb) and are keen to take your internet stalking to the next level, you can come and listen to me talk at the NZ Society of Authors' meeting at the Thistle Inn at 7.30pm.

Here's the poster:

Craig Cliff: Causing birds to fly out of people's hair since 2007.


The count down is on to the announcement of the regional winners for the Commonwealth Writers Prize. Wednesday evening Sydney time, apparently.


What's my talk to Wellington NZSA peeps and walk-ins with a spare $3 going to be about?  Well, if my book was a DVD, my talk would be a combo of the deleted scenes and the director's commentary. I'm going to try and tell the story of my story, 'Copies', from an idea in a journal entry to a first draft of a story, to a finished story and then beyond (ie someone's aborted attempt to turn it into a short film)...

I have it all worked out in my head, though I better write something out this weekend or else instead of words it might be birds coming outta my head.


Right song at the right moment for an unknown reason that I can't find on youtube so you'll just have to nod and move on: Trembling Bells - 'Adieu England'


I don't know if it's secret squirrel or not, but they've already done one press release^... I've been invited to appear at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival in May. So, barring volcanic eruption or tsunami or pandemic (Aklders: "shut up Craig!"), that will be my first festival appearance.

^The press release came out the day before I was asked if I wanted to appear - so I'd totally written off any chance of appearing on stage in Auckland.  And that explains why I'm not mentioned in the press release, eh?


Update: Friday 25th - Today I was recorded reading '10 places I could be when the big one hits' and it's going to play on Radio National between 4pm and 5pm tomorrow (Saturday), or so I'm told.

I kinda wanted a chance to preface the poem with some remarks, because it's not directly a Christchurch earthquake poem, but oh well... I'll just preface here: during the September earthquake, M's father thought, 'Geez, if this is what it's like here in Chch, I'd hate to see what's left of Wellington', and we received a text straight after asking if we were okay.  The idea that Wellington was still due a big one, and that events like earthquakes tend to focus the mind on what and who is important to you -- that's really the impetus behind '10 places...'

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