Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Fluid Thrill goes native

The holiday season is behind us, and so is the theme holiday I took during December (a failure of a month all round). Newsflash: I'm just not interesting enough to generate content without some sort of guidance/gimmick.

So it’s back to the themes…

As I mentioned a while ago, I asked for books on native flora and fauna for Christmas and ol' Saint Nick delivered, bless gin blossomed nose. That's been my holiday reading pretty much (the two novels I took away with me weren't up to much), and there's been a lot of interesting stuff. Some of it may appeal to more than just the treespotters out there.

So January will be Native Month. I'm going to Kapiti Island this Saturday, weather permitting. I'll also make the effort to get to the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary this month. Both are mentioned often in my book on native birds as great places to spot uncommon species. I'll also trek into the bush around the south coast and see what I can find. If you're lucky I'll convince my brother the photographer to come along and you'll get some nice pictures to go with my ramblings.

While I'm talking about new beginnings, I should mention that over the break I finally bought a new pair of jeans. Big whoop. Well, in November I blogged about how the life of my book length projects and jeans appears to synch up, and hoped that the purchase of a new pair of denims would propel me headlong into Novel B… The search took longer than expected (and Novel B remained docked at Cape Canaveral) but here's hoping things take-off shortly.

One more new year’s resolution: I’ve decided to institute another regular feature here. At the end of every month I’ll post a summary post of the books I’ve read. That way I’m absolved of full-on reviewing pressures for every book (though I may still lavish attention on deserving tomes), but still keep a track record of my reading and responses over the year.

Okay, enough agenda-ising. How 'bout tomorrow I post some actual content?

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