Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slightly Peculiar Love Stories

'...the story of love fulfilled is no story at all; it’s in the gap between longing and completion that the narrative appears' -- Penelope Todd in the foreword to Slightly Peculiar Love Stories

As of 5.30pm NZT yesterday, y'all can buy a copy of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories in your preferred eBook format from Rosa Mira Books.

SPLS features stories from 21 authors from New Zealand, Israel, the Philippines, the UK, the USA, Greece, Argentina, and Hong Kong, including Tania Hershman, Tim Jones, Tina MakeretiMaxine Alterio and Sue Wootton.

Oh, and me!

My story, 'Statues', was written specifically for the anthology and may be more than slightly peculiar (an Italian farmer falls in love with the statue in his town's piazza). I wrote about the inspiration behind the story on Rosa Mira's blog last month.

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